Data Collection Notes


This file is named output2 because right before pressing start, I couldn't recall if I already had an output1, and I didn't want to overwrite it if so.
I am considering this the first "real" attempt at collecting data

[!attention] Mislabeled Data
all data labeled "Top_Right_Quadrant_Touch" has to be thrown out, because I don't know my left vs right.


There were, undoubtedly, problems with output2. Primarily, no timestamping. Who would do that? So for output3 I actually tried several methods of wrangling that problem in a way that would still stream effectively to the console. (The eventual champion being a bit of perl with a variable to disable the buffering.)


I definitely did the second Swipe_Up_Right wrong... Basically, I have been starting "up_right" at the bottom left to get a diagonal, but then I decided I might just want it to be straight. So the first Swipe_Up_Right in this collection set was diagonal and the second one was straight, then I remembered the previous one was diagonal and basically made a weird L shape.

[!attention] Wrong gesture
Exclude the second Swipe_Up_Right


Good, the very best one yet!


[!attention] Off by one
Started off okay, but I noted that I "missed" one.. I am guessing button issue. This is why we debounce...